Feb. 11th

When my husband asked me what I thought of his penis I told him it was a good size, I was afraid to tell him that I liked it bigger, one of his friends was telling him that when girls say it’s a good size, that means it’s too small.

He ordered your product and used it for months, because he had a home business I never see him using it. But when I started noticing size difference, I asked him and he showed me the box and confessed.

I noticed the companies name on the box, I thought I drop you a line and thank you myself. Our sex life was starting to die until I noticed the significant size increase, a little over 2 inches in length alone and some girth in a year time, I just love a big d**k and he noticed.

Thanks again.

Julie Leclerc

Nov. 17th

Thank you very much. In 4 months I have gone from 6.25" to 7.00" so I know that your product does indeed work as you say it does.

All in all, you guys make a great product. Having it in my hand for the first time, I could tell you guys put a lot of thought in to it, and I am glad I stumbled upon your site. Feel free to use any of this information under testimonials if you wish.

Thanks again.

Jon Krespim

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Feb. 16th

My first partner back in college told me that I was small "a little below average" were her exact words, for years I've been insecure about my manhood and I've tried it all, pills, pumps, herbal, Chinese, and nothing worked I was quite discouraged until I stumbled on your web site and just a picture of the euro-extender I was convinced.

After using it for a month I noticed some length & girth, So far the extenders price was half of what I paid for the other stuff, unlike the pump, pills etc… It works, I have the proof in my pants and you to thank.

Roberto D.

Dec. 3rd

Big Dan is what everyone calls me because I'm 6'3" and weigh 240lbs, but I only felt like I play the part after using your product.

Big D.

Oct. 13

Thank you for your very prompt and helpful reply yesterday. I am very glad to say that the Euro-Extender extender arrived this morning!

May I say that I am very impressed with the quality of your product, and having worn it for a few hours impressed also with the comfort.

N. S.

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April 19th

I ordered and have been wearing the Euro-Extender since Sept 26/2003

I am sure you will like this! In 21 days that I have had the device, I have only been able to wear it 74.5 hours. There is a DRASTIC size difference. In flaccid state, there has been an increase of 5.5 - 6.0 cm which does not diminish. there has been an increase in girth. This does not go away and is not swelling. I am keeping very detailed records on an a spread sheet, with daily notes. I started using the Extender on Sept. 26/2003.

My before and after

Before: length flaccid (un-stretched) on Sept. 26/2003: 6 cm
After: length flaccid (un-stretched) on : April 1st, 2003 10.5 cm

Thanks guys!
Bruce Mckenzie,

July 27th

I am a user of Euro-Extender for 5 months. Yesterday I started to use the second long metal bar , that means I am already using the two long metal bars measuring 5 cm.

I think it's quite a good chance, because I started with only one long metal bar, then one long and one short, and now already the two long metal bars.

S. Anders


Order the Euro Extender Today!

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"When I looked in the mirror after every shower, I couldnít help but wonder whether or not I was average. After doing some research online, I realized that I was slightly under-average. I immediately ordered the Euro Extender and put it to useÖ Itís been just over a month now and I look and feel much better everyday. I have been known to make impulse purchases that turn out to be nothing but a scam, but in this case Iím glad that the product actually works! Thanks a bunch, Bruce Bailer "